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Every episode of HHE is transcribed.


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82. Coal in Wales during 1920-1930 CE

NOV. 30, 2023

Pete takes Ryan to the Welsh valleys to discover the history of coal mining. Learn everything you need to get started on your new career underground. Discover the miner-turned-author who literally wrote the book on the subject. And find out why an American singing legend singing ‘Old Man River’ meant so much to the people of South Wales. Dig it!


81. Faith in the Kamchatka Peninsula during 1450-1750 CE

NOV. 16, 2023

Journey through time and faith in this week's episode of HHE Podcast, where we delve into the spiritual landscape of the Kamchatka Peninsula from 1450-1750. Join Pete and Ryan as they explore the rich tapestry of beliefs and practices in this remote and rugged land. Uncover the mysteries of the native peoples' spiritual connection to nature. Then meet Ivan Berezhnoy, a Russian missionary whose journey to Kamchatka marked a pivotal moment in the region's religious history. And finally, take a tour into the enigmatic world of the Skoptsy sect, a group whose radical beliefs will make you shrivel with fear!


80. Martial Arts in the Philippines during 1927-1937 & 1946-1950 CE

NOV. 2, 2023

This week Pete enters the HHE Podcast dojo to discover Martial Arts in the Philippines during the period of the Chinese Civil War. Discover the fast and furious fighters of Eskrima, learn about the rough-and-ready origins of their art and the sometimes-fatal fights that came with it, and find out how today’s art is a rather more civilised affair.


79. The Living Dead in Paris during 1800-1900 CE

OCT. 19, 2023

Embrace the eerie as we venture into a special Halloween episode of HHE Podcast. Join Ryan as he transports you to 19th-century Paris, where you'll discover the chilling mystery of people who think they are dead, endure the tragic tale of a man lost in a bone-filled maze, and step into a theatre made infamous for its blood-curdling on-stage horrors. Spooky spooky spooky!


78. Plumbing in the Himalayas during 1950-1960 CE

OCT. 6, 2023

We’re climbing to the top of the world and visiting the Himalayas to discover plumbing. Find out what to do with the little spade in a Tibetan toilet. Learn the story of the hidden hero of the first successful Everest expedition. And discover one naughty Lama’s remarkable secret.


00. Negotiation in Lebanon during 1984

SEP. 21, 2023

Pete and Ryan are taking a break from regularly Derzolated episodes, so in this one-off 'Out Of Office' special, they've been assigned 'Negotiation in Lebanon during 1984'. Discover the human cost of tough government and find out how violence may not be the answer after all!


77. Carte Blanche in Guadeloupe during 2010 to 2015

SEP. 7, 2023

Ryan heads to Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. We learn the less-than-sweet story of sugar, and discover the ups and downs of developing a modern marvel to memorialise those who suffered.


76. Between a Rock and a Hard Place in The Tropic of Cancer during 800 to 900CE

AUG. 24, 2023

Pete takes on a round-the-world challenge and finds himself between a rock and a hard place on the Tropic of Cancer. We discover the surprising product that rated alongside gold in value on the trans-Saharan trade routes and we meet a pair of travelling historians whose journeys took them from Africa to China. Also, learn how a failed rebellion can still bring down a dynasty, and find out how you might apply for your harlot’s license in 9th Century China.


75. Communism in Antarctica during the Triassic

AUG. 10,2023

Finally, Ryan tackles Communism in Antarctica during the Triassic. Find out what it takes to dig in the polar extremes and meet the bulldog-walrus-pig-lizard that lived there millions of years ago.


74.5. Adding Insult to Injury in Yorkshire during the 1500's

JUL. 28, 2023

It’s Yorkshire day, you wazzock! A special guest host takes Ryan and Pete on a tour of Britain’s largest county. Uncover the mystery of the princes in the tower and the evil king who murdered them. Or did he? Find out how well you can live whilst under house arrest and the downside of being an unwilling jailer.. And discover the museum that smells of poo… on purpose! By ‘eck, it’s an HHE Yorkshire special!


00. Geography in Montenegro during 1000 to 1BCE

JUL. 13, 2023

Ryan and Pete share duties and investigate the geography of Montenegro. Discover the beautiful bay of Kotor and learn the story of the ancient queen who challenged the might of the Roman Empire.


00. Traditions & Folklore in Thailand during 1910-1920

JUN. 29, 2023

Out of office. Pete and Ryan head to Thailand to discover Tradition and Folklore, including the King who was determined to modernise, and the man who refused to let go of the past. Also a lot of people called Rama.

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