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Every episode of HHE is transcribed.


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91. Bigger than an Elephant in London between 509 to 27BCE

MAY. 16, 2024

Pete and Ryan join forces to discover things Bigger than an Elephant in London during 509 to 27 BCE. Find out why a drunken elephant is best avoided. Learn to build your own hill-fort using bits of animals. And discover the bigger-than-an-elephant-sized boat that turned the tide of British history.


90. Peace in Africa during the Jurassic

MAY. 2, 2024

Pete takes Ryan to Africa during the Jurassic in search of peace, but will he find it? Learn how to tell the time on a molecular clock, discover the lizard-mammal that wasn’t, and find out why paleantologists can’t stop looking at the legs of one particular gigantic dinosaur.


89. Mind the Gap in Oceania during 1644 to 1912

APR. 18, 2024

Ryan takes Pete to Oceania to discover the topic of ‘Mind the Gap’. Hear the heartwarming tale of the train platform with a voice from beyond the grave, find out how Captain Cook narrowly avoided disaster thanks to a diplomatic local, and discover how some gaps are sacred.


88. Nutrition in China during 100-200 CE

APR. 3, 2024

Pete and Ryan travel to Han Dynasty China to discover nutrition during 100 to 200 CE. Featuring a pioneering Empress whose humility took her to the top, a Chinese super-fruit, and a peek into one ancient physician’s golden cabinet.


87. Hotspots on the Sun during 1957-1975

MAR. 21, 2024

It’s hot stuff this week as Ryan takes Pete to discover Hotspots on the Sun during 1957 to 1975.  We learn how hot the sun is (hint - very), the hot stuff that breathed new life into a national newspaper, and reminisce about one teenager’s summer of love on a sun-drenched island.


86. Mindfulness in the Duniverse during 200 BG TO 10,191 AG

MAR. 7, 2024

Dust off your gom jabbar and join Pete as he whisks Ryan on a whirlwind tour of the Duniverse in this special episode inspired by the release of Dune: Part Two - now out in cinemas across the planet! In this giant sandworm of an episode, amidst the chaos of intergalactic battles and political intrigue, Pete tries to find a moment of zen on the vast sand dunes of Arrakis. Together, in the company of memorable Mentats and formidable Space Nuns, they'll navigate the shifting sands of power, identity, and destiny. Don't miss this epic journey into the heart of the Duniverse, where the only thing more vast than the desert is the depth of the human spirit!


00. Snacks in Uganda during 1990-2000 CE

FEB. 22, 2024

In an Out Of Office special, Ryan and Pete discover the delights of snacks in Uganda in the 1990s. Learn about the dictator who liked to have people for dinner, the entrepreneur who built a business out of biscuits and discover the signature snack of Uganda that gave its name to a whole region.


85. Knitting in Scandinavia between 1500 and 1600

FEB. 7, 2024

Ryan takes Pete to Scandinavia, home of the Vikings, to discover knitting in the 16th century! Discover the hotly-contested origins of the art. Wonder at the warmth and workability of wool. And learn about the marvellous mitten that changed knitting history!


84. Latin in Bahrain during 1939 to 1945

JAN. 25, 2024

Pete and Ryan head off to the Persian Gulf to discover Latin in Bahrain during 1930 to 1945. Find out how the British tried to win the hearts and minds of the people of Bahrain, learn about the lawsuit between rival nations that relied on a set of forged documents, and indulge in spot of birdwatching. Veni, Vidi, Podcasti.


00. End Of The Year Quiz! (2023)

DEC. 28, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time for the End of the Year Quiz! There’s everything to play for this year – pride, bragging rights, honour. No actual prizes though. Judge Dersley once-again occupies the quizmaster’s chair as Pete and Ryan go head-to-head in an unmissable display of world knowledge, podcast memory and shameless cheating.


83. Jingle Bells in Turkey during 1400 to 1600CR

DEC. 21, 2023

What’s that noise? It’s jingle bells, in Turkey, during 1400 to 1600CE. In this episode Ryan talks Turkey including Christmas turkeys, turkeys in space and how to fertilise your turkey. Also we share the story of Jingle Bells and enjoy a history of bell-making in the Ottoman empire. Merry Christmas everyone.


82.5. Podvent Calendar 2023

DEC. 14, 2023

It's a Podvent Special! What's that, you ask? Listen and find out.

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