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00. HHE Speedrun: Metal in Brazil during 1970-1980

JAN. 19, 2023


Experience the History Happened Everywhere process in real time with 'HHE Speedrun' - where Pete and Ryan attempt to find facts about a random time, place and topic in under 10 minutes! Full episodes resume 26th January 2022.

Pete and Ryan investigate Metal in Brazil in the 1970s in this speedrun episode.
Brazil is a very large country on the centre and East of South America. The Brazlian flag includes a starry sky and the national motto ‘order and progress’
With 214million people, Brazil is the largest country in South America, and by land mass it is 15 times the size of France.
Brazil plays host to 60% of the world’s rainforest, and Rio de Janeiro was once the capital of Portugal, making it the only European capital to have ever been located outside of Europe.
Rio plays host to 2 million people each year who come to attend the carnival, possibly using one of the 400 airports in the country.
Brazilian prisoners are allowed to reduce their sentence by 4 days for every book that they read.
In the 1970s Brazil was perhaps more interested in Rock and Roll than Metal, but as a musical genre it was soon to take off.
Famous Brazilian metal bands include Angra, Sepulchra and Viper.

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