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00. HHE Speedrun: Gold in Austria during the 11th Century

JAN. 12, 2023


Experience the History Happened Everywhere process in real time with 'HHE Speedrun' - where Pete and Ryan attempt to find facts about a random time, place and topic in under 10 minutes! Full episodes resume 26th January 2022.

In this special episode of History Happened Everywhere, Pete and Ryan attempt to research a random place, a random time and a topic pulled from the hat in real-time and in less than ten minutes.
Gold in Austria during the 11th Century. The republic of Austria is a central European country with many neighbours including Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia. Austria is about one seventh the size of France with a population of about 9million people.
A mountainous country and original home of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the name Austria derives from the Germanic word meaning East and during the 11th century was part of the Holy Roman Emperor.
Gold has been mined in Austria since Roman times, with mining found in the Rauris valley since that time until today. The main period 1460 to 1560 when the Raurus and Gastein valleys produced 10% of the world’s gold.
Gold can also be found in Austria in the form of artefacts, including one from the 11th century known as the The Cross of the Empire (Reichskreuz) made of gold, stones and pearls and found in the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

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