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00. End Of The Year Quiz! (2022)

JAN. 5, 2023


It’s the End of the Year Quiz! Paul Dersley swaps his judge’s robes for a Quizmaster’s blazer and pits Ryan against Pete in a nailbiting test of knowledge. Who remembers the most fun facts, peculiar people and stirring stories from a year of podcasting? Find out.

The end of another year of top quality podcasting can only mean one thing… The End of The Year Quiz!
Take part at home as Pete and Ryan go head-to-head in the test to see who remembers most from the year’s episodes. There’s questions, laughter, shock and a great deal of grumpiness to be had.
Round 1 - Who Got There First? Can our hosts remember the first European arrivals in various parts of the world?
Round 2 – Whose Review? Pete and Ryan are challenged to identify reviews of the show amongst the imposters.
Round 3 – Which country was it? The facts are fascinating, but do Ryan and Pete remember where they originated?
Round 4 – General knowledge Countdown. The questions start hard and get easier, with extra points at stake for displaying the deepest knowledge.
Round 5 – Food and Drink. A tour of the various delicious and not-so-delicious foodstuffs Ryan and Pete have experienced – but will they remember where they came from?
Round 6 – Badly Explain an Episode. Will Ryan and Pete be able to recognize their episode from these cryptic clue?
Round 7 – Home and Away? Big points at stake for anyone willing to answer a question about an episode they did not research.

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