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00. End Of The Year Quiz! (2021)

DEC. 30, 2021


New Episode! Revisit a year of top-drawer international, intertemporal, intertopical podcasting as Ryan and Pete go head to head in the Quiz of the Year! Join host and quizmaster Paul Dersley as he puts our podcasters through their paces.

In a special Quiz of the Year Paul Dersley takes on the role of quizmaster and challenges our podcasters to answer questions on the times, places and topics we’ve covered so far.
Over several gruelling rounds, including ‘Name that Anthem’ and many more, Pete and Ryan are forced to face the question they’ve been avoiding for months… “how much of this stuff can we actually remember.”
Featuring questions posed by friend of the show Jim ‘Bewildered Dad’ Coulson, who will come out on top when it comes to remembering what history happened, where and when?

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